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Schlossberg Grand Cru, Marcel Deiss - 2019

  • Provenance: Alsace
  • Appellation: Alsace
  • Domain: Marcel Deiss
  • Grape variety(ies): Riesling, quelques autres cépages
  • On-call time: 15 years
  • Alcohol degree: 14%
  • 213 Classement: Grand Cru
This is the new Grand Cru of the estate and what a Grand Cru! This granite spur is indeed vertiginous and the reputation of the wines produced from it is worldwide, and rightly so. Everything here is vertiginous, silica, blinding light and precise transparency such as this wine of salivating verticality, powerful minerality and sharp freshness. Recommended serving temperature: 10° C
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On a very steep hillside that required the creation of terraces, more than a thousand metres of retaining walls, built in the Middle Ages, have since been patiently restored. Harmoniously arranged, the plots of land are superimposed in a succession of terraces at an altitude of between 230 and 400 m. The parent rock material results from the crystallisation by metamorphism of migmatite (a mixture of gneiss and granite) and biotite granite from Kaysersberg. but rich in sand. The sandy soil, which is both coarse and clayey, constitutes an arena rich in mineral elements (such as potassium, magnesium, fluorine or phosphorus) of great diversity and with low water retention.


Area: 1 ha. Planting density: 8000 vines/ha. Age of the vineyard: planted between 1992 and 2020. Yields: 18 hL/ha. Very long and whole grape pressing, no settling. Fermented in casks and aged on lees for 1 year. Bottled after a light filtration.

Suggestions for accompaniment

Grilled and baked fish. Seafood and shellfish.

The Deiss estate is located in Bergheim, a village nestled in the heart of Alsace wine country. Born into a family of winegrowers who had been living in Bergheim since 1744, Marcel Deiss chose the profession of arms at the age of 18 and left his native land. Returning to his homeland after the Second World War, he rediscovered his roots and developed his small landholding into a dynamic winegrowing business. Today, run by Jean-Michel and Mathieu Deiss, the estate covers 27 hectares spread over 9 communes and 20 kilometres. The extreme variety of the vineyard (220 plots) has led to a search for the exact balance between the affirmation of the place, the expression of the vintage and the framework of the grape variety for each vintage. The interaction between these factors makes it possible to distinguish the so-called "terroir" vintages: here the place alone expresses its mark, dominating the other contingencies. It determines the style, the exact personality, the very physiognomy of the wine. For the Grands Crus, the indication of the grape variety is often superfluous as the influence of the origin is so strong on its usual expression. This effort, combined with high planting densities (8,000 to 12,000 vines/hectare), makes it possible to express all the fine nuances of the place, its temperament, its deep singularity. According to Jean-Michel Deiss, planting a single grape...

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