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Our Values



He was becoming an "amateur" in the true sense of the word: a man who loves what he does and has rediscovered a freshness of life that was lost since his childhood for reasons that are usually trivial.

Jim Harrison 

In amateur, there is to love. 

What does true love feed on? From trust and sharing. These values have always guided us in our work. We owe the best to our members! That's why there is something of a quest in our approach.

All the wines in our assortment are the result of a rigorous selection. Great wine is not the product of chance or approximation. We follow with attention the work of the winegrowers and the domains that we have chosen to distribute. In the same perspective, we also have the vocation of discoverers. For more than thirty years that we have been in this business, we have been lucky enough to collaborate with many prestigious estates, but we have also discovered many producers who have subsequently become internationally renowned stars.

We pay the greatest attention to the quality of the wines, but also, upstream, to the viticulture (reasoned fight, organic or biodynamic viticulture). We are wary of sectarianism, of chapels and of the scum of the earth. For us, a great wine is not determined by its price or its reputation or even by the fashion or buzz that accompanies it. We do not sell notes: great wine is much more complex than that. It is a living and vibrant being with which we resonate.  Translating the genius of a place, great wine is also the reflection of the love for beauty and goodness of the men and women who produce it. It is this requirement that accompanies us every day in our approach. It is the fruit of this passion that we are proud to share with wine lovers.   


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