Free delivery from Fr. 300 of purchase or 18 bottles, otherwise Fr. 15

Delivery options

We provide a fast and efficient service to deliver your order in the shortest possible time.



We deliver your order free of charge from 18bt or Fr. 300 of purchase, otherwise we charge a fixed price of Fr. 15.

We also offer the possibility to keep your orders on hold for less than a year - after this date, we will contact you.

For the Primeurs (wines of Bordeaux sold in subscription and indicated as such), the free delivery is fixed 24bt or Fr. 500 of purchase, otherwise Fr. 20. We offer the possibility to couple with an order of current wines to reach the free delivery.



Shipments are made within 3 working days after receipt of the order - except for wines under subscription.

We have our own delivery service and also use competent carriers or the Post Office.

Good to know: we sometimes reuse the boxes of our suppliers to give them a second life; the container does not always refer to the contents.

On request, faster deliveries are possible. Please contact us.

Our team is at your disposal before and after your order, to ensure a continuous service. Your satisfaction is our main concern.


Apart from subscription sales and en primeur sales, all the wines we sell are available in stock in our warehouse in Gland. You can buy online, but you can also visit us and access our cellar, which is freely accessible. We pay the greatest attention to the conditions of conservation of the bottles because the wine is a fragile product which deserves the greatest attention.



The wines are stored at a temperature of 14°C in our warehouse in Gland (use of several professional air conditioners).



A fundamental factor for good ageing, the humidity of the cellar is too often neglected by wine lovers who focus on the temperature. However, a cellar that is too dry can be catastrophic for the conservation of the wine, causing irreparable damage. In the absence of sufficient humidity, the corks dry out and the wine evaporates; the levels drop rapidly, causing premature oxidation. This is why we do not compromise with this key factor and maintain a constant humidity of 75% with two professional humidifiers.



The bottles should not be directly exposed to light sources, as they can develop deviations if exposed for a long time. This is a point that is important to us and that is why we have hired an engineer for all the installations in our cellars.