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La Côte, Sauvignon blanc, Colombe - R. Paccot - 2020

  • Provenance: Vaud
  • Appellation: La Côte
  • Domain: La Colombe, R. Paccot
  • Grape variety(ies): Sauvignon Blanc, issu de terroirs sélectionnés à Aubonne et Gilly.
  • On-call time: 5 years
  • Alcohol degree: 14%
What is true for all the estate's wines is perhaps even more so for this one: its qualities come essentially from the high maturity of the grapes harvested. The result is a Sauvignon Vaudois that is "out of the ordinary": a nervous wine, with aromas ranging from blackcurrant to exotic fruit, depending on the nuances of the terroir and the vintage. To be discovered one year after the harvest, or to be waited two to three years for a fuller expression!
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Its qualities come essentially from the high maturity of the harvested grapes. Care for the vines, very limited quantity, sanitary quality... the requirements are very high.


The Sauvignon Réserve is vinified in vats and barrels, with pumping over of the lees to enhance the structure, freshness of expression and finesse of the aromatic profile.

Suggestions for accompaniment

Shrimp fritters with lime - Monkfish with curry - Goat cheese.

The Domaine de la Colombe is descended from an immigrant family from Savoy. Since 1978, he has been cultivating the family vineyards in the La Côte region, and represents the third generation of Paccot winemakers. However, before coming back, he was first a teacher and then travelled, working in wineries in California and Spain. He only decided to return home when his father wanted to sell his vineyards. He is an open, articulate and humble man. For many years, Domaine de la Colombe has built its reputation through its stylish and vibrant wines, which reflect as closely as possible the truth and energy of their place, thanks to cultivation methods (organic and then biodynamic) and maturing methods that respect natural rhythms.

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