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Fino Electrico, Bombilla, Toro Albala (ampoule en verre)

  • Provenance: Andalousia
  • Appellation: Montilla-Moriles
  • Domain: Toro Albala
  • Grape variety(ies): Pedro ximenez
  • Style of wine: Vin initiatique
  • Alcohol degree: 15%
The container of this fino pays tribute to the history of the estate. In fact, in 1922, José Toro Albala, who was passionate about both wine and archaeology, restored and moved the winery to the old Aguilar power station, with its vast underground warehouses, ideal for storing wine. Popular jokes such as "How many volts does this wine make?" still remain in the area. Compared to the Fino del Lagar Electrico, this one is aged for a shorter period of time, which gives it a fatter character, but also a more frisky, aperitif character. A delight! Jancis Robinson: 17/20
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The name 'Electrico' refers to the location of the estate on a former power station.


The grapes are not crushed, they arrive naturally at 15° of potential alcohol and the fino that is made from them is therefore not mutated. The must comes from the first juices that come out of the press. Aged for 5 years.

Suggestions for accompaniment

It is the wine for tapas, seafood and other shellfish. It can also be served with grilled fish or dry hard cheeses.

The Andalusian vineyards are divided into several appellations, including Montilla-Moriles, which certainly has the oldest vineyards in the region, as it was already prosperous in Roman times. The climate here is continental, very warm, with short winters and low rainfall. The harvest begins in mid-August and is the earliest in Spain. The king grape variety is Pedro Ximenez (PX), which is vinified into dry or sweet wines in oxidative modes, with long to very long maturation. Located in the village of Aguilar de la Frontera, 50 kilometres from Cordoba, the estate was founded in 1844 by Antonio Sánchez Prieto. In 1922, José Toro Albala, who had a passion for both wine and archaeology, restored and moved the winery to the old power station in Aguilar, with its large underground warehouses ideal for storing wine. For almost a century, the winery produced wine to be aged in its cellars, but without bottling it. Things changed at the end of the 20th century with the birth of the first vintages. For some years now, Antonio Sanchez Romero has been at the helm of the winery, creating unique jewels without losing sight of the essence of his estate, the Pedro Ximenez: an extraordinary grape variety. A true romantic character, he is also a great oenologist, with encyclopaedic knowledge and a lively and always inventive personality. His wines reflect this.

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