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Rémi Leroy
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Rémi Leroy, an oenologist and agricultural engineer who trained in Bordeaux in 2006, runs an estate of nearly 8 hectares with his father in Meurville, in the Côte des Bar. The clay-limestone soils come from the Upper Jurassic. Most of them are on Kimmeridgian slopes, which are also found in Chablis. But the particularity of the Meurville cru, apart from the generally low soil thickness, lies in the presence on the plateau overlooking the village of pure Portlandian (almost exclusive to Champagne) offering even poorer soils. In such conditions, the vine must naturally suffer to ensure its growth, and the viticulture he practises allows him to obtain fruit and juice of remarkable typicity. During all the viticultural work that punctuates the year, his objective is simple: a moderate harvest in terms of volume in order to obtain fruit that is at once ripe, healthy and concentrated. To achieve this, he strives to have a measured vigour and vegetative expression: reasonable contribution of organic matter, winter pruning by himself or with highly qualified workers, disbudding/shoot removal to aerate the foliage and modulate the yields, ploughing and controlled natural grassing to maintain his soils; and finally, extremely wise control of cryptogamic diseases and pests, insisting on prophylaxis (preventive work that favours biodiversity, modulates the vigour of the plant to develop an environment that is not very conducive to diseases and pests).He uses a Champagne press that combines modernity and gentleness. The grapes are pressed just after picking. No pumping is necessary until the juice begins its alcoholic fermentation, which limits the oxidation of the juice and therefore the use of sulphur. Malolactic fermentation is carried out here. Fermentation takes place in small stainless steel vats and Burgundy oak barrels. Each parcel is vinified separately in order to have an optimum range of choice during the blending process which precedes bottling. The wine is matured on its fine lees in vats and on its fine lees in barrels until bottling, which takes place in May or June, without fining or filtering. Moreover, the very good maturity of his grapes allows a very low dosage, far from the Champagne standards, on all the vintages. The wines are aged again for several months in the cellar in order to be offered at very good maturity. But they still have an ageing potential that will delight lovers of champagnes for laying down.

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