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Organic wines

Whether it is organic or biodynamic viticulture, in both cases the plant is considered as a living organism whose balance and interaction with its vital environment, its ecosystem, must be respected. Unlike conventional viticulture, which will tend to consider the plant as a receptacle whose productivity must be stimulated.

Let's remember that all biodynamic wines are necessarily organic to begin with: to be Demeter certified, you need to have been certified organic for at least three years. A label, Demeter, certifies products obtained using biodynamics and, in France, another label called Biodyvin also guarantees products obtained using Rudolf Steiner's method. Biodynamics is a further step from organic farming and integrates the vitalist model - the forces at work in living things are not just physical-chemical, but spiritual and cosmic - with the entire universe.

In any case, we are evolving in a world where ecological awareness is making a considerable impact and if it is not convictions that make practices change, it will be consumer choices that will guide them. Without erecting a chain of command, we pay attention to cultivation practices that respect the environment, with certain domains not (yet) certified but taking into account respect for the living.