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Schaffhausen is the easternmost vineyard in German-speaking Switzerland, but not the best known, with 480 ha of vines. Most of the harvest is made by large local cooperatives. The canton enjoys an exceptionally mild and dry climate with a rainfall of 600 to 700 mm per year. With an area of 389 ha, the Klettgau is the largest wine-growing region in Schaffhausen. It consists of a long strip of hills and natural conches. The Klettgau is a predominantly limestone region with lighter soils in the eastern part and more clayey soils in the Hallau region. Indeed, the winegrowers of Schaffhausen call their wine region Blauburgunderland, the "land of Pinot noir"... This is where the Rhine flowed about 200,000 years ago. During the last ice age, the Würm period, the river was pushed southwards in a wide crescent: the famous Rhine Falls were born. The largely untouched wine villages, but also the wine towns such as Schaffhausen, Stein am Rhein and Neunkirch are well worth a visit.

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