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Zorah Wines
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We are in the cradle of world viticulture, not far from the Areni cave, where the oldest remains of viniculture (over 6,100 years old) were discovered. This is the Rind vineyard, with a cultivated area of 15 hectares. The sandy soils are rich in limestone. The vines are grown in Guyot and although the vines are young, it should be remembered that the selection was made from 80 year old plants! Because of the altitude and climate, the vines are not grafted and are therefore grown free-standing, at a density of 5,000 vines per hectare, with a low yield of 20 hl/ha. Fermentation takes place in large raw concrete vats. This is followed by maturation in amphorae of different sizes, with a short period at the end of the cycle in 31 hl tuns to soften the tannins.

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