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Tequila Plata, Clase Azul, 40% (70 cl)

The most refined, like its transparent bottle and its silver color. The nose is fine and develops nice vanilla aromas. At no time the ethanols of the alcohol take over; we stay in a fresh, floral and citrus register. Some lemongrass and mint notes complete the picture; the palate becomes fuller to finish on liquorice notes. It is fine and elegant.
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Clase Azul was founded over 25 years ago by Arturo Romelli and supports the native Mexican community of Masagua. The agaves are full of sugar and ready to be harvested after 5 to 8 years. The particularity of this estate is that it owns the majority of the agave fields and thus controls the harvest at optimal maturity and the freshness of the fruit. Slow cooking for 3 days in wood-fired ovens and then fermentation. Distillation, then cut to 30%. We take here only the heart of heating. While the usual tequilas on the market only need 50% agave juice to have the denomination, Clase Azul produces 100% blue agave quality tequila. All the bottles are handmade (12 days process per bottle) and true works of art, made by indigenous communities.

Suggestions for accompaniment

Sushis and sashimis - Ceviche - Pairings with citric dishes or fresh red fruits (red currants, raspberries).

It is in one of the highest points of Los Latos, at an altitude of 3000m, in Mexico, that the agave fields are cultivated to give this Tequila its unique flavour. The estate is ethically driven to produce the highest quality, is 100% organic and uses only traditional methods. Its organic Weber Blue agaves are 4 times higher in pure quality than a conventional agave. The entire process of making Clase Azul tequila is entirely artisanal and uses traditional methods. It takes a total of 11 days to obtain this famous nectar, unlike conventional tequilas, which take only one day. The agaves are harvested, cooked in traditional brick ovens for 72 hours, this slow cooking allows a better extraction of the plant's flavours and gives it its aromatic complexity. They are then crushed to extract the juice and mixed with an exclusive yeast to start the fermentation process. The distillation process is carried out in two stages, to ensure a unique and sapid taste. As for the ceramics of the brand's bottles, in a village located in Santa Maria Canchesda, which specialises in Mexican handicrafts, a hundred locals create the bottles one by one by hand by modelling, painting and engraving them. A special feature of the Mezcal bottle is that it is made of lava stone and each bottle is decorated with around 500 coloured pearls with a unique design for each creation.

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