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Before tasting the wines of this estate, we had never tasted wines from Bierzo that were so deep, so stylish and that went so far in expressing the origin, without falling into excesses of acidity or breeding! It must be said that the winemaker who signs these marvels has had an atypical career, which explains his "jusqu'auboutisme". The estate was founded by Diego Magaña, a young Navarrese whose family owns Bodegas Viña Magaña. During his career, he gained experience in vineyards and wine in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Argentina and Chile. It was during a promotional trip to the United States that he met the famous Raúl Pérez, who convinced him to make a wine in the Bierzo region by lending him his own facilities. Caught up in the game of wine and landscapes, in love with the Bierzo sunsets and the vineyards, he decided in 2014 to make his first two wines. Since then, the trajectory will be upward and the success worldwide. Today, he chooses his importers and we are lucky enough to be among them! His cuvées are certainly not "cheap", but when you taste them, you will have the feeling of pushing open a door you had never opened before.

The wines of the domain Dominio de Anza :


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