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Stockage de vos vins


Wine is a living product, which improves with time. Its conservation conditions are therefore very important. If these are not respected, there are many risks (drying of the cork, premature aging and negative evolution of the wine, etc.). CAVE SA guarantees its customers optimal storage conditions in this respect.



The wines are stored at a temperature of 14°C. This temperature is constant, without jolts or thermal shocks. Our warehouse benefits from professional air conditioning and hygrometry.



"A fundamental factor in the proper aging of wine, the humidity of the cellar is too often neglected by wine lovers who focus on the temperature. However, a cellar that is too dry can be catastrophic for the conservation of bottles, causing irreparable damage. In the absence of sufficient humidity, i.e. a rate of at least 70%, the corks dry out and the wine evaporates; the levels drop rapidly, causing premature oxidation. This phenomenon is further aggravated if the temperature is too high. A hygrometer is therefore an essential instrument to install in the cellar and you should react immediately if the humidity level is too low, for example by watering the cellar floor regularly. A too high humidity is not harmful for the wine, but it deteriorates the labels, a lesser evil." Extract from the Revue des Vins de France (RVF) This is why we do not compromise with this key factor and maintain a hygrometry in our cellar fixed at 75%!



The bottles should not be directly exposed to light sources, because if they are exposed for a long time, they can develop deviations - clear glass bottles are particularly sensitive to this. This is an important point for us and that is why we have called in a light engineer for all the installations in our cellars. These are the optimal conditions for storing your wines.



Ideal storage conditions are sometimes difficult to achieve for a private individual. This is why we can offer you various storage solutions so that your wines can flourish: pallet rental in Gland; rack rental in our Geneva cellar. If you are interested in these solutions, do not hesitate to contact us for more information at 022 354 20 20 or