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Sydonios' work began by meeting with experts in the wine world to analyse the variables in the glass that impact on tasting. The key element of a glass is the ratio between its maximum diameter and its opening diameter. From these exchanges, 7 models were born, all tested by a panel of 100 professional tasters. Only the 2 most precise glasses were retained and were named the Esthète and the Universel: The Universel provides great precision on a very wide range of wines. The Esthète reveals powerful and tannic wines with precision, preserving the balance of the wine and its aromatic expression.Imagine a painting by Monet or an impressionist artist; with a normal glass, you are just a few steps away from the painting and see it as a whole, the spots of paint create a landscape. With the Sydonios, you are face to face with the work of art and see the detail of the rough edges and the grain of each brushstroke.Whether as a gift or simply for yourself, you have the opportunity to offer glasses of exceptional quality, which will allow you to appreciate in the finest nuances your best wines.

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Verre L'Universel (champagnes, vins blancs), Sydonios

Verre L'Universel (champagnes, vins blancs), Sydonios

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