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Agricole Vallone
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Founded in 1935 and located in Salento, the extreme point of the heel of the Italian boot, Vallone has been one of the most renowned wineries in Puglia for many years. The vineyard, which belongs to the two sisters Vittoria and Maria Teresa Vallone, is made up of 3 properties, managed individually, as distinct entities, with their own identity and appropriate grape varieties: Azienda Flaminio in Brindisi (310 ha), Azienda Castelserranova in Carovigno (312 ha) and Azienda Iore in San Pancrazio Salentino (40 ha). The main activity of the family is the cultivation of vines, which cover 170 ha. 120 ha of the farm are also devoted to olive trees and the rest to artichokes and vegetables. The Vallone sisters are assisted by Donato Lazzari, the manager, and Graziana Grassini, one of Italy's most renowned and talented oenologists.One of the strengths of the Vallone Farmers is their belief in the old native grape varieties of Salento, including the brilliant negroamaro (literally black-bitter) and the surprising Susumaniello, a vector of freshness and vigour. For here there are no jammy notes in the wines, but rather freshness, aromatic finesse and even very measured alcoholic degrees for such southern vineyards. Similarly, Graziana Grassini does not disfigure any of the vintages with new wood, as she ages the wines for a long time in large containers, either in vats or in old large oak tuns, in the traditional way, so as not to spoil the drinkability of the wines and the finesse of the expression of the terroirs.

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