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Cavesa le CAVE, le club des amateurs de vins exquis
Cavesa le CAVE, le club des amateurs de vins exquis

Vieux Marc de Bandol, Château Pibarnon (42.5°) - 1997

  • Appellation: Marc
  • Domain: Château Pibarnon
  • Grape variety(ies): Elaboré à partir de marcs de Mourvèdre égrappés.
  • On-call time: 30 years
  • Alcohol degree: 42.5%
Favour "chimney" glasses, and avoid the traditional belly glasses. This marc is the elegant expression of a noble and original eau de vie, resulting from the meeting of a grape variety, Mourvèdre, and a very particular soil. The finesse of a traditional eau de vie blends here with the southern accent of Mourvèdre which brings its notes of spices, pepper and garrigue. The nose is smooth, dense and elegant. It develops complex aromas of sultanas, plums, prunes, sweet and rare spices, with a slightly liquorice note. The palate is clean and enveloped. A beautiful attack, which opens on a very pleasant mellowness, and continues on a sensual and liquorice length.
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At the end of the vinification process, once the wines have been devatted, the red marcs from the presses are destemmed and stored in airtight vats. This is the Burgundian method. Distillation begins when the wines are finished and placed in tuns, generally in the first days of January.


The ageing process lasts more than 20 years. It is done exclusively in Limousin oak barrels with a capacity of 400 to 500 litres, with only 20% of the annual production of eau-de-vie being made from new barrels. We wish to maintain a balance and avoid any excessive addition of tannins which would contribute to hardening the eau-de-vie and reducing its original subtlety. The long maturation process is carried out thanks to the porosity of the wood which allows indirect contact between the eau-de-vie and the air.


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