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Pinot Noir Vieilles Vignes, Domaine de Beudon - 2014

  • Provenance: Valais
  • Appellation: Valais
  • Domain: Beudon
  • Grape variety(ies): Pinot Noir
  • On-call time: 12 years
  • Style of wine: Vin de grand terroir
  • Alcohol degree: 12.6%
Magnificent nose of spicy rose, cherry and reseda, this is the purity and aromatic grandeur of the grape variety on a vertiginous terroir! Superb palate of exemplary aromatic integrity, with clean fruit and diversified flavour, finishing straight. There is love and respect for the grape variety and the terroir in this wine. Well done.
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The parcels of the estate are clearly separated by the steep escarpments to the south of the hamlet of Beudon. On the first hillside of Fully, at the start of the cable car installation, at the foot of the Beudon hills, there are two vineyards. The upper floor, which can only be reached by steep paths and a small private cable car, is the Domaine itself. Its south-facing vineyard, on a plateau overlooking the Rhone plain, stretches over about 6 hectares at an altitude of 740 to 890 metres. Biodynamic cultivation certified by Demeter and Bio Suisse.


Vinification without inputs, maturing without sulphur and without wood. Bottling with very little So2, just the dose necessary for the wine to keep its shape and express its terroir.

Suggestions for accompaniment

Guinea fowl with lemon confit - Thai chicken breast - Beef tartar - Hard cheese.

The name of the estate refers to the "bidon", the belly, evoking this advanced form of mountain on the valley, with an exposure to the sun but also to the winds. The property was created from scratch in the first half of the 20th century by a wealthy businessman from the valley, an original. He had a crazy plan for his retirement to create a wine estate up there, in the trees, right on the mountain. Unfortunately, when he reached retirement age and his baby was finally ready, he died and was unable to take advantage of it. Jacques Granges discovers this place when he leaves his engineering studies and falls madly in love with it. Listening only to his heart, he decided to settle there. It was 1971. At that time he was called crazy. He didn't care! The Granges are passionate about nature above all. They are botanical enthusiasts, close to life, to the fauna and flora of the Valais, lovers of the land, who campaign for preserved diversity. The plots of land that make up the agricultural estate are located on three different levels: 1. on the plain, where they grow apples, pears, medicinal and aromatic herbs and vegetables, on three plots of land at the place known as "Grand-Blettay"; 2. on the first hillside of Fully, at the start of the cable car installation (which takes them home), at the foot of the Beudon hills, with two vineyards; 3. and finally, on the upper level, the...

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