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Cavesa le CAVE, le club des amateurs de vins exquis

Chartreuse Open House

Chartreuse 9ème centenaire

As you may already know, we became the official importer of Grande Chartreuse liqueurs for Switzerland in early 2022.

To celebrate this and to help you rediscover the range of this mythical and mystical liqueur, we will be offering a tasting in our cellar in Gland (Rue de Malagny 28), on 10 November, but in moderation:

Also available for consultation and sale on the spot, the book Chartreuse, La liqueur. And as a preview, the original Mélange des Pères Chartreux infusion, which will be on sale by the end of the year!

Come one, come all! Admission is free, no registration required...


- WHERE : CAVE S.A., Rue de Malagny 28, 1196 Gland

- WHEN : Thursday 10 November, from 10 am to 5 pm (non-stop opening!)

- PRICE : FREE, without prior registration: just turn up!

- FOR TASTING : all Chartreuse range, except VEP jaune

- FOR SALE ON SITE : all the vintages of the range, limited to 1 bottle per member, except Reine des liqueurs and VEP, which are only available on allocation.
NB: Due to quotas, the Chartreuses Liqueur d'Elixir, MOP and 9ème Centenaire will not be offered for sale to non-member customers.